100% natural, organic herb tea

【Hidden Beauty】

All hand picked from the Aso region(GIAHS*),
"Hidden Beauty"herb tea. 

A smooth and relaxing cup will bring you back to scenic Kumamoto. 

Naturally caffeine free,All non GMO.



*Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System







Yomogi(Artemisia princeps) 


(Houttuynia cordata)


(Glechoma hederacea)

Blueberry leaf






[Benefit for health, how to use]


1. Benefit for health (according to medical analysis and testimony from Japanese customer)
1) Detoxification, preventing constipation
2) Reducing fat, sugar, cholesterol, good for diet
3) Enhancing digestion, excretion, anti oxidant, anti saccharification
4) Keeping body warm, preventing low blood pressure and anemia, easing stomach pain
5) Curing external wound, disinfection (put tea pack in the bath after drinking)




"Hidden Beauty" herb tea is produced by Mr.Izawa.


He is the owner of ASO YAKUSOU EN

(Herb factory in Aso,Kumamoto)

 Mr.Izawa is one of the herb specialist who are famous in Japan.

 He has the long study results in Aso.



If you are interested in our product or have any questions,wholesale,

Please contact【J-Tube】.



[Message from president]

In Japan “yasou-cha” (wild leaf tea) has been indispensable to keep healthy life.

Mt. Aso is famous for its largest caldera and rich water source, there are plenty of natural herbs around Mt. Aso.

Among others, we focused on great effect of yomogi and dokudami.

However mixing yomogi fiber in tea had been difficult because it gets sticky when it is packed in tea pack.

After many times of trial and error, finally we could have been succeeded in producing our natural wild grasses in compact tea pack.

We don’t use any agrochemical and chemical fertilizer at all in whole process in the production.

The balance and ratio of each ingredients are supervised by Mr Satoshi Izawa (medical herb researcher, president of Aso Herb Factory) who could reduce a certain amount of medical expenses for many old patients.

Wild grass herbal tes is true Japanese culture to enjoy life.

Please feel the power of Japanese nature through our tea.